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Arno Gasteiger In 1988 Arno Gasteiger moved from Austria to New Zealand to live and work.

For many years New Zealand Geographic Magazine became for Arno a resource to work and to develop his photography. In over 60 major assignments he had the opportunity to learn about and photograph New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

Arno’s passion and experience was rewarded with work from international magazines in Europe and the USA. He has gone on assignment for publications like Smithsonian, Spiegel, GEO (Germany & France) and New York Times.

He is the Author of six books. “Central”, a book on Otago, won the Spectrum Print Design Awards and the illustrative category in the 2004 Montana Book Awards.

Currently Arno’s series on Ta Moko (the art of Maori tattooing) is exhibited at the Museum in Frankfurt/ Germany.

Since 1998 Arno is a member of the Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association (AIPA). He has worked for commercial clients like Ports of Auckland, Rexel and Fletcher Challenge.

Arno Gasteiger is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and works as a freelance photographer specialising in location photography for editorial and commercial clients.

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