A big accent is placed on shorter walks and day hikes in New Zealand, with AirNZ having announced extending its support to DOC to 2022 and providing additional funding to support conservation project.
We’d love to see images of you and your family / friends / tourists “going bush” and discovering our great backyard.

Scroll down for some shooting ideas.


  • Locals
  • Tourists
  • DOC rangers
  • All age groups and ethnicities


  • All 4 seasons
  • All weather conditions

Point of views: 

  • Third party point of view
  • First point of view
  • Selfies
  • From above – aerial
  • With and without people (close up and from afar)


  • At the i-site: talking to staff, reading information, picking up brochures, using the computers, purchasing hut tickets / a back country hut pass.
  • Booking (where required) online or at the i-site
  • Shopping: gear, food etc.
  • Packing a backpack
  • Checking the tent, checking gear


  • Driving to start the Short Walk,
  • Writing in the book of intentions (where applicable),
  • Walking, running, kayaking,
  • Alpine / Low tide crossings,
  • Admiring the view, the nature,
  • Discovering the New Zealand flora and fauna,
  • Mountain biking the trail

When on an overnight trip:

  • Pitching a tent, packing the tent,
  • Arriving at the hut, placing hut tickets in the honesty box,
  • Putting a choosing a room and a bed, lying on a hut mattress,
  • Enjoying the shared spaces at the hut,
  • Preparing food at the campsite or the hut,

DOC projects:

  • Conservation projects along the tracks: traps, rangers working, pests etc.


  • Stunning views,
  • Pristine beaches,
  • Lakes, rivers, dams, estuaries,
  • Caves, archways, rock formations,
  • Off the beaten path and New Zealand’s hidden gems,


  • Taking a break in nature,
  • Discovering your backyard,
  • Traveling responsibly,
  • Being prepared and safe,
  • Protecting a fragile ecosystem,
  • Living in the moment,
  • Finding yourself,
  • Relaxing, grounding,
  • Ticking off a must do,
  • Tidy Kiwi, “Pack in, Pack out”,


  • Signage:
    • Start of the track, interpretation panels, directions,
    • Security signs, fire bans,
    • Pest control, trapping information,
    • Funny: Do not feed the weka, other,
  • Flat of gear taken to go for a short walk
  • Flora / Fauna

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Signing off,
The photonewzealand team.