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Sometimes, you can end up sticking your fingers into too many pies…

We’ve been around for 18 years and New Zealand images have always been our forte.

But over the years, we thought that NZ images were not enough. They often didn’t provide the broad coverage of subjects you were looking for. So, to fill the gaps within our collection, we started representing international and specialist collections.  And we used to redirect you to these individual stock websites.

A couple of years ago, we went through a rebranding process to become One Shot. We migrated all our images onto a new platform and were finally able to consolidate all our image collections on to oneshot.co.nz. This allowed you to search through all these collections from  “one single shop” instead of having to login and browse through 15+ websites.


One shop, simple and affordable pricing and ordering, we’re on the right track!

Still, we feel that there were still a couple of roadblocks…

First, because of our rebranding to One Shot, we lost our Kiwi Point of Difference.
We’re very proud to represent some of the best international and specialist collections of course. But by integrating all the images on to oneshot.co.nz, and not having the tools to curate the actual images being served into our search results, we felt like our New Zealand images were “getting lost” in a sea of bazillion images (sometimes irrelevant images). Supplying the authentic New Zealand images you love is our core strength. So we want to focus on that.

Second, one word: simplification
We’ve had to simplify the way we work a lot. No-one likes complexity. For this to happen, we realised our images had to be licensed under the Royalty Free (RF) model. Here, the roadblock is that most of our partners didn’t want to or were not ready to move entirely to Royalty Free. Because we can’t pick and choose which part of each collection we want to have served on our site, and because some of these collections are 100% Rights Managed (RM), they were no longer aligned with our business vision.

Time for a tough decision…

We decided to go back to our core strength.

From 1 March 2018, we’ll be returning to our core ‘pie’ (that would be one large steak and cheese with tomato sauce!), our core-strength: we’ll retro-brand back to ‘photonewzealand’ and our site will only display New Zealand images.

photonewzealand will highlight the best of New Zealand photography and will also promote interesting projects and initiatives led by our photographers. We will be 100% Royalty Free with three differently priced collections as follows:

  • RF Bargain – prices from $25 to $125
  • RF Choice – prices from $75 to $375
  • RF Primo – prices from $150 to $750

We look forward to the opportunity to focus even more on supporting our contributing photographers and the New Zealand photography industry. Remember, when you license images from photonewzealand, the revenue generated goes back into the pockets of hard-working photographers who in turn will keep creating the stunning contemporary New Zealand stock images you and your clients love.

Thank you for supporting New Zealand photographers as well as a NZ family-owned business.

Oh, and before we forget! Change always brings a few hiccups and glitches so if you have any questions or strike anything unfamiliar, remember we’re always here to help so drop us a line or give us a call on 0800 746 866.

Signing off,
The photonewzealand team 🙂