photonewzealand: NOW 100% RF, STILL 100% KIWI!

Image by Amber Jones.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been keeping quiet recently… We’ve been busy making heaps of exciting changes to your favourite image collection.

Since launching the photonewzealand collection (back in 00!), we’ve constantly been tweaking  and adjusting the way we do business to adapt to our customers’ needs and changes in our industry.

With the introduction of Royalty Free licenses and micro-stock, we’ve regularly heard you say that Rights Management was “too much hassle”, “too expensive”, “too complicated” so we took a first step in May and simplified our RM licensing criteria and moved 80% of our NZ images to RF.

Today, we’ve got more exciting news to share:


That’s right! The whole photonewzealand collection is now RF. This includes hard to find images of New Zealand families, Kiwi kids, Maori and Pacifika communities, stunning landscape images shot by some of the best New Zealand photographers… and more!


  • Easy one-time fee based on file size and price range.
  • Hassle free! RF images can be used indefinitely and without restrictions by the End User*.
  • Prices start from only $25!

The photonewzealand RF collection is split into 3 price ranges:

  • RF Bargain – from $25
    When you need a shot fast and budget is tight, RF Bargain is your best mate.
  • RF Choice – from $75
    Sometimes, you need to put your best foot forward. RF Choice has got heaps of hard to find, authentic NZ images that will really float your boat!
  • RF Primo – from $150
    When nothing but the best New Zealand images will do, it’s time to pull out all the stops with our RF Primo range.
One Shot - photonewzealand RF images distribution
photonewzealand collection – RF images distribution (Oct 2017)

We understand you may already have alternative options for stock. But we also know you’re keen to shop local and support Kiwi photographers! So let go of your worries and start browsing our affordable and 100% Kiwi Royalty Free images!

Got questions? Email us, give us a call on 0800 746 866 for a wee chat, pop in for a coffee or visit our support center.

Signing off,
The photonewzealand team


1) * images must always been used in compliance with our T&C / Sensitive use policy.
2) This change affects the photonewzealand collection only. Other collections available on One Shot and may remain Rights Managed, or include a mix of RM and RF images.
3) Prices indicated are excl. GST
4) Indicative NZ Image distribution, may vary.