Kiwis tend to move a lot more often than people in other countries. Home ownership is ingrained in our culture and a lot of advertising is aimed squarely at those trying to get on the property ladder and those trying to climb it.  And it’s not only the obvious advertisers like banks and insurance companies.

Here are some tips on how you can easily create highly saleable stock shots of the house buying and selling process.

Young couple (20's) relaxing at home, drinking coffee, studying the Property Press


  • Age group: 25-40
  • Gender: Both male and female.
  • Ethnicities:  All NZ ethnicities with particular focus on mixed families and Maori/part Maori and Polynesian/part Polynesian New Zealanders.
  • Relationship: couples, families with kids.


Remember: you don’t have to have a home that is actually ‘For Sale’ – you can use yours! Mock it up. You also don’t have to make every room look pristine, only the rooms where you’ll be shooting.

  • Classic Villa
  • Modern Houses
  • Flat or apartment complex
  • Batch
  • Land for sale
  • In the city versus the countryside
  • Main house versus holiday home


  • Looking at ads in newspapers and online (Trademe, Real Estate websites etc.), reading the Property Press and real estate brochures.
  • Looking at house or at land from front with generic ‘For Sale’ sign.
  • Looking at real estate agency listings in window (for instance a couple with a coffee in the hand).
  • Attending an open home.
  • Discussing with a real estate agent.
  • Meeting with the architect in his/her office.
  • Looking at plans with the project manager onsite.
  • Saving to buy a house, budgeting.
  • Talking to bank manager about finance and what is needed to get a mortgage.
  • Talking to a broker and insurers to finalise insurance contracts.
  • Going to an auction: arriving, bidding, winning the auction.
  • Meeting with the lawyer to finalise the contract.
  • Signing a contract, getting the keys.
  • Celebrating buying / selling a property.
  • Discussing as a couple what you will do with the house once you move in: what goes where, the renovations.
  • Moving in.
  • Working with a home-staging business to prepare a house for sale.
  • Taking pictures of a property for the ads.
  • Putting up an ad for a house available for sale.
  • A real estate agent meeting with potential buyers, giving them the tour of the house.
  • A real estate agent putting up a sign “House for Sale” or “Sold”.
  • Celebrating selling the house.


  • Excitement: buying a house for the first time, winning the auction, moving in.
  • Concern of skyrocketing houses prices.
  • Determination to get on the ladder and to get ahead.


  • House style and decor.
  • Location.
  • Demographics.
  • Clothing.


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Digital Illustration of House with Sold Sign