We’re chewing through data like a kid in a candy shop! Fibre is getting more and more accessible each day. Data plans on cellphones have consistently increased in the past few years as we consume more and more media while we’re on the go. There’s an app for anything and everything and being available to your clients 24/7 is part of modern customer service.

We want it, and we want it now!

Clients in all industries, not just telecom companies,  use images of people using technology – at home, out and about, at work and commuting, with friends …. everywhere!  So we recommend that you focus on shooting and submitting images which reflect how technology is used in New Zealand today.


  • Smartphones,
  • Tablets,
  • Computers,
  • Smartwatches,
  • TV, Smart TV,
  • Extreme sports cameras,
  • Portable music devices…

Note: Avoid brand names, logos wherever possible


  • Age groups:  All but especially 18-35
  • Gender: Both male and female.
  • Ethnicity:  All NZ ethnicity with particular focus on Mixed families and Maori/part Maori and Polynesian/part Polynesian New Zealanders.


  • Families connected simultaneously but doing different things – e.g. Mum looking at a recipe on a tablet on kitchen island, Dad streaming the footy on TV, Daughter on Social Media on her phone, Son playing a game on a computer…
  • Communicating with distant loved ones via video conference (Skype, Facetime, Messenger), apps (Whatsapp, Viber etc.) or social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Posting photos or videos to social media
  • Using tech for practical DIY activity – watching video tutorials to build a workshop bench, garden shed, home decor ideas…
  • Relaxing – reading, listening to music, etc on deck, in garden, in lounge, in bedroom etc
  • New Zealand specific:  Browsing TradeMe for a bargain
  • Children doing homework, especially teens
  • Child helping parent or grandparent with tech issue or showing them how to use a device
  • Using devices in unusual parts of house
  • Using device at night in bed, light from screen glowing, trying not to wake partner or child sneakily on device when they shouldn’t be
  • Casting from a device to a TV screen (so we see what is on phone also on the TV screen) – e.g. YouTube videos of a rugby game
  • Too much screen-time – tired, tired eyes, time to switch off and go to bed!
  • Families competing for bandwidth – everyone trying to ‘do their thing’ at once
  • Updating social media – posting a photo, selfie etc


  • At school: using tablets and computers as a medium to teach children
  • At work: checking on the kids while at work (etc.)


  • Staying connected on holidays – e.g. camping, at the beach
  • Using maps on smartphone to navigate to a destination
  • Connecting to a free hotspot in a cafe or visitor centre or some other tourist location
  • Using tech devices in the car – games, music and movies for the kids
  • Taking photos and videos including selfies
  • Using a selfie stick in NZ tourism locations
  • Using technology to research accommodation, restaurants and activities


  • House style – villa, bungalow, or other typical NZ architecture
  • Location – identifiable location, background etc
  • NZ Demographics
  • Clothing
  • What’s on the device – NZ websites like TradeMe, news websites, on demand streaming services such as TVNZ, 3NOW…


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Signing off,
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