We regularly discuss the fact that a lot of people in the photography industry these days think that stock is for amateurs.

So today we thought we’d address this perception …

We pride ourselves that in the 17 years we’ve been in business, we’ve been able to build a quality collection, different from the rest (especially from microstock collections), with that point of difference being our New Zealand-ness.

In order to keep our high-quality standards consistent, we manually review every single contributor application received. We only accept applications from photographers who not only know how to use their cameras but also understand what stock is and who want to earn a decent income through stock.

Occasionally, we accept applications from younger photographers, amateurs or semi-professional photographers where we see there is potential or that little something we’ve never seen before. By mentoring and nurturing these photographers, our goal is to help them grow and to make sure our collections stay current and on trend.

We also manually select each and every single image submitted to us. Of course we understand that often you may feel the sting of rejection thinking “why haven’t they selected this image”? But on that front, you need to trust our expertise. We do not want to waste your time (as well as ours) publishing images that are not going to sell. If you’d like to understand how we select images, check out this blog post.

875-06666280 © Science Faction / Masterfile Model Release: Yes Property Release: No Underwater Camera Equipment

We also value our reputation of being a fair stock agency, one which considers its contributors (you) as partners, and not as “cash cows”. We like to think that throughout the years we’ve been able to help you get a better understanding on how you can leverage stock images to earn a decent income.

The reality is that the competition in our industry is getting tougher each year. Microstock companies are pushing prices down and the overall quality of the images submitted to stock image libraries around the world is getting lower and lower. License fees are getting cheaper to compensate both that quality loss and the increase in the volume of images consumed. And this is how the general public’s perception is that it’s “fair” to pay $1 an image… which we definitely do NOT agree with!

We do not want to and will not become a microstock agency, and we do not want to sell images for $5 a pop for two reasons: 1) this is not a fair return to you 2) this is not a viable business model in the low volume New Zealand market.

So what can we do then?

We strongly believe that in order not to lose our clients to our competitors, our “cheval de bataille” and point of difference needs to remain the quality and uniqueness of our New Zealand images. And this is where you can help…

  • Focus on shooting genuine, authentic images of New Zealand (tip: people and lifestyle are still the most in-demand images)
  • Keep submitting images regularly
  • Send us a mix between your best work and your lower graded work so that we can spread your images across our premium, standard and value ranges to maximise your earning potential.

Signing off,
The photonewzealand Team