More than 80% of our NZ images are now RF!

At One Shot, we are committed to bringing more flexibility to stock photography in New Zealand.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that more than 80% of our New Zealand images are now Royalty Free (RF)!

What are the benefits for YOU?

1. Save time and resources
By purchasing images on One Shot, you won’t have to ‘fake it’ by using non-NZ images and spending hours retouching to try to make them look Kiwi… Our images already are genuine, authentic Kiwi images.

2. No more hassle
That’s right! Hard to find images of NZ and NZ-ers can now be purchased in a few clicks, for a one-time fee and can be used indefinitely, without restrictions*.

3. Make the most out of your budget and save $$$
Our RF catalog is split into three ranges (value, standard and select) with prices starting from as little as $25! Need we say more?

Looking for New Zealand images? Don’t waste precious time and resources by purchasing images on foreign stock sites! Instead, search through our RF collections to find the shots you need.

And best part is… when you buy from One Shot, YOU are stimulating the creation of more great stock images of New Zealand by directly supporting Kiwi photographers and a NZ-Owned, locally operating and taxpaying business.

So thanks for Shopping Local!

Rob – Chief of Everything at One Shot

* provided compliance with our sensitive and prohibited uses policy.

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