Buying an image online from One Shot is easy as – even if you don’t have an account with us!

Our new site has been designed to allow you to price and purchase images online in a four easy steps:

  1. Search
  2. Add the selected image to your cart
  3. Price the image
  4. Finalise your order

DONE! The licensed images will be on their way to you!

Here are some detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

Start by searching for the image you need on One Shot

First, we recommend you to login / register on One Shot to make sure you can access all the functionalities of our website (image previews, lightboxes, online orders) etc.

To search for images, enter some keywords in the search field and press enter (or click the magnifying glass). Once the results appear, you can use the filter panel on the left hand-side to refine your search. If you are new to stock websites, or need help becoming more efficient, check out our tips to Become a Search Speed Demon on any stock site!

Found the image(s)you need? Now add it(them) to your basket (cart).

Adding an image to your basket (or cart) is easy. You can do this from different locations on our site:

  • From the search results page:
    Select the image(s) you’d like to license, click “Selected Media” then “Add selected media to basket”
    Add to Cart - Multiple SelectionOrCart Iconclick the cart icon located under each thumbnail
  • From the preview page of an image
    The preview page opens when you double-click an image. You can price this image using the price calculator and then click “Add to Basket”.

Pop Up preview _ Add to Basket

  • From a lightbox:
    Select the image(s), click “More Actions” then ” Add all to basket”Cart link _ Ligtbox


click on the cart icon under each thumbnail. Cart Icon

Already added the shots you need to your cart? Price you images and finalise your order. 

Go to your cart by clicking the cart icon at the top right corner of the page, then price each image image in your cart. Prices are determined in two ways, depending on which collection the image belongs to.

1.  Royalty Free (RF) images are priced according to file size the larger the file, the higher the price. This means that if you only need an image to appear on a website or mobile device, the file you’ll need should be smaller and therefore the price will be lower.

2. Rights Managed (RM) images are priced according to how, where and how long you are going to use an image.

1- Select a use category:
. Advertising (promoting a product or service),

. Non-Advertising (an internal communication to staff),
. Editorial (a magazine or newspaper article),
. Publishing (a book for sale like a novel or educational text book),
. Merchandise (If you are going to produce a product using this image)

Note: if the image is going to appear on packaging, then you should choose Advertising.

2- Then  choose a duration for your license.
License durations generally range from 1 week to 10 years (for some use categories, duration may be shorter than 10 years).

3- Finally, select the territory.
Make sure you select the option that corresponds best to where your audience is located. For instance,

. if you are releasing a book in New Zealand only, then you should select NZ Only.
. if you are launching a digital campaign and your target audience is based in NZ and Australia, then select NZ + Australia
. if you will be using an image at a tradeshow in different countries around the globe (more than 1 territory / 1 continent) then select Worldwide.

Once you’ve priced the images in your Cart, we now just need to know a few more details and then you can proceed to payment and download.

Checkout_Additional Info

  • Email: this field will be pre-filled with your email address but you can update this if you need the files to be delivered to someone else.
  • Fill out the PO (Job Number) field if you need a reference number to appear on your invoice.
  • End User: this is the company who the images will be used to promote if you are a designer or agency working for a client then the End User will be your client.
  • We also need to know their Industry to make sure we have an accurate image use history if you request a History Check or Exclusivity for an image.

Done? Click the NEXT Button. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase. We use PayPal as our secure payment gateway but you do not need to have a PayPal account and can choose the option to Pay as a guest using a any credit card.

Once the payment has been completed, do not refresh the page. You will be redirected to our site and will received a link to download the files via email as well as a delivery memo. Our team will then finalise your invoice and will send it to you.

Don’t know what size file you need or which category to choose? Think you may qualify for a discount? Want to purchase exclusive use of an image or need additional services? Want to be set up on Account?

CONTACT US  our friendly team is always happy to help!

Signing off
The One Shot Team