Whether it’s a few pots on the balcony, a small patch or an extensive garden, everyone, at any age, can experience the joy of gardening. The taste of home-grown fruits and vegetables is so satisfying … and many say it is good for your soul too. Having a good knowledge of gardening can also help families economically through growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Here are some interesting stats coming from a survey undertaken by Yates last year to celebrate the inaugural National Gardening Week*:

  • 71% of the people surveyed said their garden was their happy place while nearly half (47%) turn to gardening to relieve stress and 22% said it had helped alleviate depression.
  • The greatest motivation for gardening is to keep up with the Joneses and have the best garden in the street (57%).  While close second is to have fresh home-grown vegetables (52%).
  • Nine in ten New Zealanders believe children should be taught how to grow vegetables and 94% believe eating home-grown vegetables is better for your health. Gardening was considered to be an invaluable life skill by 83%.
  • 61% of people said they believed a great garden added more value to a home than either a home theatre room or a swimming pool.

So if the weather is on your side this weekend and if you have access to a veggie garden, fruit trees or have planned to plant or harvest your own fruits and veggies, bring your camera along and make sure you take the opportunity to take shots.

Type of images:

  • People images: any age group, people enjoying spending time in their garden and growing their own vegetables.
  • DIY projects
  • Still-life images of freshly harvested produce
  • Close up on crops, fruits, veggies, trees
  • Scientific: identifying species and diseases that can affect yield.



  • Backyard at home,
  • Shared / communal gardens,
  • In the city, in the street, in unusual places
  • At a farm,
  • At school,


Type of gardens:

  • Garden patch,
  • In raised beds,
  • In pots,
  • Urban gardens,
  • Nursery
  • Fruits, veggies, trees, flowers, herbs


The growing stages:

  • Seeds, seedlings, growing, mature plants…
  • Growing, Ripped, Harvesting, Rotting…


Getting started:

  • Buying seeds, seedlings, pot-mix,
  • Buying tools and equipment
  • Prepping the garden


DIY projects:

  • Building a raised bed
  • Setting up an automatic watering system
  • How to plant specific trees, veggies, herbs
  • Putting a nest to protect crops and fruits



  • Having a green-thumb,
  • Teaching how to grow vegetables to children,
  • Home-grown kitchen, healthy lifestyle,
  • Saving money by growing your own vegetables,
  • Being proud of a beautiful garden.