Ahhhh… Summer! No more school runs, no more exams, no more alarms ringing at the break of dawn… It’s time to enjoy the (finally) sunny days and some well deserved time off with friends and family!

Summer is also the perfect opportunity to take fantastic stock images of young Kiwis enjoying the summer break.  These images are the ones advertisers are consistently looking for so make sure you make the most of the summer weather to build your online portfolio.

Tip: there are heaps of festivals and summer events organised throughout New Zealand. If you decide to take pictures at these events, we recommend you plan your shoot in advance and take friends or models who have agreed to sign (or even better, have already signed) a model release. Getting model releases on the spot will be too hard and you will never be 100% certain the person signing a release ‘on the spot’ understands what they are signing, which can lead to all sorts of problems when they see themselves plastered on a bank billboard!



  • Age group: 18-35 years old.
  • Gender: both male and female.
  • Nationalities: NZ Demographics (ideally mixed groups), as well as tourists.


  • Getting together at the beach, having fun with swings hung in trees, making a fire, freedom camping etc
  • Hanging out at someone’s house, having a barbecue,
  • Getting ready to go out,
  • Action shots (water sports, bungee jumping, mountain biking…),
  • Going camping, tramping, on a road trip, in a cool looking van or caravan,
  • Going off the beaten path…


  • New Zealand traditional villa, modern home, Kiwi bach,
  • At the beach, at sea,
  • Music festivals,
  • Lake Taupo, Queenstown, Mount Maunganui,
  • In the countryside, on top of the world…


  • Taking pictures and videos with their smartphones,
  • Using extreme sports cameras (such as GoPro) to capture “the action of the moment”,
  • Using devices and social media to stay connected with their friends and family and sharing their adventures (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Whatsapp…),
  • Listening to music with smartphones and other portable devices (iPods)…


  • Friendship, young love,
  • To be young and free, having fun, Carpe Diem, “Let’s be epicurean”,
  • Smiling, laughing, kissing, hugging,
  • To make the most of what New Zealand has to offer,
  • Arts, music, fashion, hype,
  • Trend-setters, Hipster…