Christmas is around the corner. This is the perfect occasion to shot authentic images of Christmas in New Zealand for next year’s advertising campaigns!

This year, our clients have been focusing on images of families celebrating being together during Christmas without the traditional cliches, such as the overly decorated house, families posing smiling next to their Christmas tree and wearing ugly Christmas jumpers (yuk!), images of kids opening presents with their mouths wide-open etc.

What they want to see is the “real Kiwi celebrations”, authentic New Zealand families celebrating being together in the summer – with and without the traditional religious connotations.

To help you out, we’ve combined a list of shooting ideas.

Tip: rather than taking only a few images of each and every single item in the list below, try to restrict yourself to a few only. Make sure you think about the images you want to shoot and cover these couple of subjects as extensively as possible. By doing so, you will produce better quality series of images.



  • Age groups: all age groups, inter-generations
  • Nationalities: All NZ specific demographics – Maori, Polynesian, Caucasian, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and inter-racial as well.


  • At home, holiday home, holiday rental, bach, etc
  • At a campground,
  • At the beach,
  • In a caravan, campervan,
  • Decorated landmarks (such as Aotea Square, Franklin Road…)

Will need to be model released.

  • Sharing a meal, having a barbecue,
  • Playing games, playing music, playing a sport (cricket, rugby)
  • Enjoying the beach, spending time at the pool,
  • Relaxing,
  • Shopping for presents, opening presents, offering presents,
  • Going to a religious celebration,
  • Decorating a Christmas tree