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Image sharing platforms and smartphone photography keep influencing the stylistic trends in the advertising industry.

The images shared on these platforms usually look different from traditional / classic / static stock photography. Their style is largely influenced by high-profile users such as bloggers, social media influencers who set the trends in their own areas of expertise (food, fashion, travel, art…).

Here are a few common threads you will find on Instagram:

  • Image created specifically for social media are produced with the main goal to increase profile recognition, generate emotions and users engagements (likes, follows, comments…)
  • The images are taken “on the spot” and with the light available.
  • The style of the images is generally moodier and slightly more artsy. Images are almost raw: they require very little post-production as users apply predefined in-app filters directly from their smarphones before posting them. Example of apps with pre-defined filters: Instagram, snapseed, afterlight, VSCO, Mexture.

To find some inspiration, have a look at some profiles on Instagram of brands you like and people you follow.

An example we like to use is @airNZgrabaseat… This is the kind of “thumb-stopping”, dynamic, qwerky images we’d love to see more off in our collections. So time to grab your mates, go out and shoot some stunning images for advertisers like Air New Zealand to use!

Screenshot of @airnzgrabaseat Instagram account

Screenshot of the Instagram account of @airNZgrabaseat, taken on 29 July 2016.
For illustration purposes only. One Shot does not own this account, nor owns the copyrights of the images.

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