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Serial 319542 Date Taken: Sep-11
Description Mandy Richards and Dallas Hewett cross a river on their way across the Gouland Downs during a traverse of the Heaphy Track
Photographer Derek Morrison
Area South Island Section Sports & Recreation
Heaphy Track
Mountain Biking
Model Release Yes
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 72mb
Keywords mountain biking, mtb, bicycle, bicycles, cycle, cycles, bike, bikes, biker, bikers, rider, riders, ride, riding, cycling, cyclist, cyclists, health, energy, exercise, outdoor, outdoor adventure, adventure, fitness, kahurangi national park, ford, fords, cross, crossing, across, shallows, shallow, gouland downs, mandy richards, dallas hewett, heaphy track, explore, exploring, native bush, track, tracks, path, paths, pathway, trail, trails, route, journey, mountain, mountains, mountainous, alpine, ridgeline, skyline, scenic, scenery, landscape, nature, natural, environment, tussock, rugged, tough, rough, wild, wilderness, remote, sunny, sunlit, sunlight, sunshine, blue sky, river, rivers, stream, streams, flow, flowing, water, watercourse, 2, two, pair, duo
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