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Serial 311843 Date Taken: May-08
Description AJ Hackett's ledge bungy over Queenstown
Photographer Graeme Murray
Area South Island Section Tourism & Travel
Southern Lakes
Bungy Jumping
Model Release No
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 47mb
Keywords bungy, bungee, bunjy, bunjee, tourist, tourists, outdoor adventure, outdoor, adventure, adventure tourism, excitement, adrenalin, thrill, activity, action, active, fun, jump, jumping, leap, leaping, free fall, fall, falling, plunge, dare, daring, brave, courage, risk, experience, freedom, carefree, human, person, people, life, living, lifestyle, lake, lakes, water, scenic, scenery, landscape, nature, natural, environment, overview, viewpoint, looking down, mountain, mountains, mountainous, alpine, ridgeline, skyline, range, ranges, speed, moving, movement, motion, fast, travel, traveller, travellers, travelling, tourism, sightseeing, holiday, vacation, leisure, recreation, backdrop, background, stunning, picturesque, dramatic, silhouette, silhouetted, tourism destination, extreme, lake wakatipu, ledge bungy, aj hacket, aj hackett, wwr
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