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Serial 309420 Date Taken: Dec-10
Description Big waves crashing over rocks during storm, Cape Palliser
Photographer Arno Gasteiger
Area North Island Section Environment
Physical Environment
Palliser Bay
Waves & Spray
Restrictions Only available for licensing in New Zealand and Australia. Restriction does not apply for web use. Not available for New Zealand postcard use.
Model Release No
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 35mb
Keywords water, wave, waves, wave action, surf, rollers, breakers, spray, speed, moving, movement, motion, blur, blurred, blurry, fast, action, long exposure, time release, motion blur, slow shutter, crashing, breaking, swirling, surge, surging, foam, foamy, froth, frothy, white water, rugged, rock, rocky, rocks, tone, stones, stoney, boulder, boulders, rock formation, rock formations, scenic, scenery, landscape, nature, natural, environment, cloud, clouds, cloudy, weather, sky, skies, overcast, grey, gray, storm, stormy, dark, dramatic, atmospheric, stunning, picturesque, mood, moody, bleak, remote, wild, evening, twilight, dusk, night, cape palliser
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