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Serial 259167 Date Taken: Aug 09
Description Woman exuberantly leaping off Moeraki boulders
Photographer Hedgehog House Collection
Area South Island Section Environment
Physical Environment
Rock Formations
Model Release Yes
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 35mb
Keywords rock, rocky, rocks, stone, stones, stoney, boulder, boulders, rock formation, rock formations, scenic, scenery, landscape, nature, natural, environment, beach, beaches, shore, foreshore, seashore, seaside, beachfront, waterfront, sea, seas, ocean, oceans, oceanic, tide, tides, tidal, water, coast, coastal, coastline, sand, sandy, cliff, cliffs, bluff, bluffs, adult, adults, woman, women, female, females, lady, ladies, human, person, people, life, living, lifestyle, jump, jumping, leap, leaping, high, height, happy, happiness, exuberant, celebrate, celebrating, celebration, concept, conceptual, success, achieve, achievement, excited, excitement, fun, play, playing, arms up, arms out, reach, reaching, blue, sky, skies, cloud, clouds, cloudy, big sky, low tide, septarian concretions, tourism destination
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