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Serial 257433 Date Taken: Jan 09
Description Dinghy on Lake Waikaremoana
Photographer Susanna Burton
Area North Island Section Environment
Hawkes Bay
Physical Environment
Te Urewera National Park
Lakes - Reflections
Model Release No
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 29mb
Keywords lake, lakes, water, reflect, reflecting, reflection, reflections, reflected, mirrored, mirror image, mirror images, boat, boats, boating, dinghy, dinghies, rowboat, row boat, moor, moored, mooring, rope, roped, tied, pure, clean, clear, fresh, unspoilt, untouched, rain, raining, rain drops, raindrops, atmospheric, picturesque, forest, bush, dappled, light, lit, sunlit, sunshine, lake waikaremoana wwr
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