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Serial 256238 Date Taken: May 09
Description Cyclists reading sign, Otago Rail Trail near Oturehua
Photographer Colin Monteath HHH
Area South Island Section Transportation
Facilities & Services
Central Otago
Bridges & Viaducts
Restrictions Not available for sale to the Cycling industry
Model Release Yes
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 60mb
Keywords span, bridge, bridges, viaduct, viaducts, structure, structures, transport, transportation, Otago Rail Trail, construction, engineering, stone, steel, 4, four, group, old, historic, history, historical, rural, country, countryside, gorge, gorges, heritage, view, views, viewpoint, cloud, clouds, cloudy, sky, skies, travel, traveller, travellers, travelling, tourism, sightseeing, holiday, vacation, tourist, tourists, leisure, recreation, fun, human, person, people, life, living, lifestyle, enjoy, enjoyment, enjoying, cycling, bicycle, bike, cycle, cyclist, rider, ride, bicycles, bikes, cycles, cyclists, riders, health, exercise, fitness, looking down, read, reading, rest, resting, respite, break, hill, hills, hilly, slope, sloping, contour, scenery, scenic, landscape, nature, natural, environment, rugged
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