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Serial 255231 Date Taken: Mar 09
Description Auckland city motorways and the Sky Tower beyond
Photographer Alex Wallace
Area North Island Section Transportation
Facilities & Services
Auckland City
Roads - Sealed
Model Release No
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 74mb
Keywords road, roads, street, streets, highway, highways, travel, route, thoroughfare, thoroughfares, transport, transportation, journey, motorway, motorways, skytower, sky tower, freeway, freeways, fast, speed, blur, blurred, movement, moving, motion, light, lighting, city lights, illuminate, illuminated, illumination, glow, glowing, icon, icons, iconic, landmark, view, views, viewpoint, cloud, clouds, cloudy, weather, big sky, skies, city, cities, urban, cityscape, urban landscape, urban landscapes, night, nightime, evening, dark, darkness, bright, roading, engineering, traffic, commute, commuting, lane, lanes, drive, driving, overpass, flyover, curve, curved, bend, bending, CBD, central business district, high rise, highrise, high-rise, building, buildings, commerce, commercial, night life, nightlife, shine, shining, lit up, twillight, skyline, sky line wwr
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