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Serial 254770 Date Taken: Not recorded - please call if required
Description Coastal limestone cliff
Photographer Craig Potton
Area South Island Section Environment
West Coast
Physical Environment
Paparoa National Park
Rock Formations
Restrictions Not available for use in calendars, postcards, posters, fine art reproduction or corporate wall decor.
Model Release No
Property Release No
Original Media Transparency
Film Size 6x7
Digital Size 69mb
Keywords rock, rocky, rocks, stone, stones, stoney, boulder, boulders, rock formation, rock formations, national parks, sea, seas, ocean, oceans, oceanic, tide, tides, tidal, water, coast, coastal, coastline, scenic, scenery, landscape, nature, natural, environment, cloud, clouds, cloudy, weather, sky, skies, beach, beaches, shore, foreshore, seashore, seaside, beachfront, waterfront, sand, sandy, surface, surfaces, texture, textures, contrast, pattern, patterns, grainy, golden yellow, warm, warmth, form, shape, groove, grooves, grooved, eroded, erosion, worn, crease, creases, creased, furrow, furrows, scoured, lines, indentation, indentations, closeup, close up, detail, peace, peaceful, tranquil, tranquility, relax, relaxing, relaxation, calm, still, stillness, serene, serenity, pleasure, positive feeling, experience, contentment, optimism, hope, potton, craig potton wwr
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