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Serial 254315 Date Taken: Apr 09
Description Farmer using technology in cow milking shed, Bulls
Area North Island Section Agriculture
Farm Labour & Activities
Model Release Yes
Property Release Yes
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 72mb
Keywords farmer, farmers, human, person, people, computerised, modern, control panel, remote, central control, computer controlled, controller, keypad, keyboard, screen, system, systems, electronic, setting, touch, touching, programming, check, checking, management, equipment, gear, operator, 18to40, adult, adults, man, men, male, males, life, living, lifestyle, responsibility, small business, unshaven, rugged, tough, character, busy, jacket, jeans, denim, sheds, building, buildings, casual, concentrating, concentration, focus, focussing, think, thinking, employer, boss, manager, inside, indoor, efficient, efficiency, 1, one, only, single, solo, solitary, lone, alone, bovine, stock, livestock, cow, cows, dairy, dairy cow, dairy cows, animal, animals, farm animals, farm animal, farm, farms, farming, farmland, farm land, rural, dairy farm, dairy farms, dairying, agriculture, face, faces, facial expression, serious, sober wwr
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