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Serial 252988 Date Taken: Nov 08
Description Beach, Opononi, Hokianga Harbour
Photographer Arno Gasteiger
Area North Island Section Environment
Physical Environment
Restrictions Not available for New Zealand postcard usage
Model Release No
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 35mb
Keywords beach, beaches, shore, foreshore, seashore, seaside, beachfront, waterfront, coast, coastal, coastline, ridge, ridgeline, headlands, peace, peaceful, tranquil, tranquility, relax, relaxing, relaxation, serene, serenity, positive feeling, sea, seas, ocean, oceans, oceanic, tide, tides, tidal, water, lapping, ebb, flow, flowing, sand, wet sand, dawn, dusk, sundown, sunset, sunrise, cloud, clouds, weather, pink, orange, big sky, skies, surface, golden yellow, glow, glowing, shine, shiny, shining, iridescent, mood, moody, hill, hills, pure, clean, fresh, tourism destination, glisten, glistening, smooth, cliff, cliffs, bright, colour, color, colourful, colorful, dark, contrast, vivid wwr
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