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Serial 228986 Date Taken: Apr 98
Description Boy (6 yrs) playing in surf at Whangamata Beach with golden retriever dog
Area North Island Section Lifestyle & People
Bay of Plenty
Beaches - Children (one child only)
Model Release Yes
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 64mb
Keywords 1, one, only, single, solo, solitary, lone, alone, kid, kids, children, child, young, childhood, youth, beach, beaches, outdoor, shore, foreshore, seashore, seaside, beachfront, waterfront, coast, coastal, fun, holiday, vacation, weekend, nature, natural, environment, sand, sandy, boy, boys, male, males, stand, standing, paddle, paddling, shallow, edge, wet, foot, feet, barefoot, barefeet, casual, play, playing, game, stick, hold, holding, dog, dogs, canine, animal, animals, pet, pets, golden retriever, surf, waves, surge, tidal motion, sea, ocean, tide, water, light, foam, foamy, froth, frothy, legs, mood, moody, wait, waiting, 2, two, pair, together, freedom, carefree, enjoy, enjoying, enjoyment, happy, happiness, sky, skies, grey, gray, surface, focus, wwr
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