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Serial 226448 Date Taken: Not recorded - please call if required
Description Father and son (2 yrs) moving into new home
Photographer Kim Christensen
Area NZ - Non Specific Locations Section Lifestyle & People
New Zealand
Home Life
New Zealand
Moving House
Model Release Yes
Property Release Yes
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 60mb
Keywords moving house, relocate, relocation, move, moving, shift, shifting, removal, removals, house, houses, housing, home, homes, at home, dwelling, dwellings, accommodation, weatherboard, wood, wooden, wall, walls, door, doorway, entry, entrance, porch, veranda, verandah, deck, cardboard, box, boxes, carton, cartons, package, packages, pile, piled up, heap, stack, adult, adults, couple, couples, 18to40, 2, two, pair, together, man, men, male, males, woman, women, lady, ladies, female, females, relationship, partner, husband, wife, human, person, people, fatherhood, father, fathers, dad, paternal, parent, parents, parenting, parenthood, responsibility, family, families, kid, kids, boy, boys, child, children, childhood, young, youth, son, outdoor, stand, standing, casual, face, facial expression, direct gaze, candid, smile, smiling, teeth, enjoy, enjoying, enjoyment, happy, happiness, pleasure, experience, mood, positive feeling, friendly, fun, joy, delight, home owner, homeowner, homeowners, owners, ownership, real estate, property, properties, exterior, building, buildings, pride, proud, confident, confidence, anticipation, satisfaction, success, achieve, achievement, concept, future, growing up, childhood development, cottage, light, blond, blonde, excited, excitement, elation, possess, possession, pack, packing, unpack, unpacking, change, belongings, wwr
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