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Serial 224491 Date Taken: jan-08
Description Couple on Oreti Beach with their dog at sunset, Invercargill (NZ Samoan man)
Photographer Miz Watanabe
Area South Island Section Lifestyle & People
Beaches - Couples
Model Release Yes
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 48mb
Keywords couples, pair, two, couple, 2, together, male, female, woman, women, man, men, partner, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, relationship, males, females, adult, adults, beach, beaches, shore, foreshore, seashore, seaside, beachfront, waterfront, coast, coastal, nature, natural, environment, holiday, vacation, travel, weekend, outdoor, fun, sand, sandy, wet sand, shiny, mirror, reflection, mirror image, surface, sea, ocean, tide, water, waves, surf, horizon line, far away, distant, distance, light, bright, sunny, sunlit, sunlight, sunshine, warm, warmth, glow, glowing, shine, shining, sky, skies, clear sky, big sky, cloudless, fine weather, golden, open space, expanse, wide, casual, friend, friendship, mates, buddy, buddies, walk, walker, walkers, walking, freedom, carefree, idyll, idyllic, paradise, dream, summer, season, mood, moody, pleasure, satisfaction, enjoy, enjoying, enjoyment, happy, happiness, joy, delight, young, 18to40, future, pure, clear, clean, fresh, concept, vivid, vibrant, close, closeness, intimate, intimacy, affection, love, loving, care, caring, romance, romantic, scenic, scenery, landscape, seascape, sunset, evening, dusk, commitment, positive feeling, bond, trust, ripple, ripples, rippled, dog, dogs, animal, animals, pet, pets, canine, barefeet, barefoot, figure, figures, share, sharing, hug, hugging, embrace, cuddle, hold, holding, face to face, facing, security, maori, polynesian, samoan, profile, devoted, devotion, passion, passionate, focus, wwr
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