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Serial 208847 Date Taken: 02-06
Description Hawks Crag, Buller on Highway 6 between Westport and Murchison, New Zealand
Photographer Forrest Smyth
Area South Island Section Transportation
West Coast
Facilities & Services
Roads - Sealed
Restrictions Only available for licensing to New Zealand clients
Model Release No
Property Release No
Original Media Digital
Digital Size 52mb
Keywords road, roads, street, streets, highway, highways, travel, route, thoroughfare, thoroughfares, transport, transportation, journey, motorway, motorways, cliff, cliffs, sheer, bluff, bluffs, steep, rugged, hawks crag, gorge, blind corner, bend, overhang, narrow, tight, cutting, safety barrier, edge, road conditions, cars, auto, automobile, vehicle, vehicles, motorcar, motor car, automobiles, motorcars, drive, driving, road sign, signs, signage, grass, grassy, roadside, travelling, traffic, caution, adventure, challenge, explore, exploring
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